Friday, November 18, 2016

#MIN92 #EdTech -- My Recap

Crowd Beginning to Fill the Space at Dassault Systemes
Dassault Systemes hosted Mass Innovation Nights' #MIN92 event at their spectacular building in Waltham on Wednesday night. The event showcased educational technology.
There Was Pizza
Lately, no MIN event is complete without pizza and our generous hosts continued the tradition. It wasn't as amazingly cheesy as at District Hall last month :-), but it was good and satisfying nonetheless.
I recognized a few of the entrepreneurs and their products as soon as I walked in.  

Smartick was there with their method for developing kids' math skills.  Saw them at #MIN90 back in September. I'm still happy to see people taking on the challenge of building up the math skills of kids from ages 4 thru 14, especially girls. Math is very important, no matter what those kids are going to do when they grow up. 
History UnErased
I was thrilled to see History UnErased again. I first met them at EforAll. They were in last winter's accelerator program. Their mission is to "unerase" the stories and history of LGBTQ people with content and training for educators so that young people in grades K-12 will have a more positive and inclusive experience of history. We need a thoughtful and inclusive history more than ever.  P.S. They got my vote for Audience Choice.

The chosen presenters were:
  • Didart 
  • ScholarJet
  • IvyLadder
Winners of the Audience Choice Vote were:
  • ScholarJet - Grand Prize
  • Cognii
  • Flye App
I didn't make it around to every table, but I did meet most of the presenters and prize winners.

I loved how Didart combines technology and hands-on craft experiences to teach kids about culture, craftsmanship, and the environment. Kids get to take a virtual journey to a country such as Guatemala and learn techniques from traditional craftsmen and at the same time use the materials in the artisan kits to make things themselves.  Their team also had the best T-shirts, so I hereby award them both Best Costume and Best Prop of MIN92.

Some of the Craft Materials from the Guatemala Artisinal Kit
The guys from ScholarJet wowed the crowd with their energetic presentation. Their concept of action-based scholarships is extremely innovative to say the least, possibly revolutionary. Imagine if instead of writing an essay or submitting a resume, students could compete in some sort of challenge like a road race that benefits a community cause or a clothing drive or some kind of engineering challenge and win scholarship money for it. ScholarJet's web platform allows educational institutions and donors to create and donate to action-based scholarships. Needless to say, they won the grand prize in the Audience Choice voting.
ScholarJet Talking Action-based Scholarships at their Table
ScholarJet Rocking the Presentation made a big impression with their Chrome browser extension for simplifying the college application process. It provides real-time advice and help right in your browser as you work through the Common Application. at the Table Talking about the Common Application
IvyLadder's Student Career Academy is designed to help Millennials and Gen-Z learn how to pick a career, create a personal brand, develop a compelling resume and other skills needed to make the transition from school to work.

Cognii provides an artificial intelligence tool for interactive learning and assessment. Think of it as a virtual learning assistant.

Flye App is  a location-based scavenger hunt game that allows kids to learn about their surroundings in a fun and innovative way. It runs on both IOS and Android. Pretty cool.

Flye App Demo
I took a lot of photos and met a lot of entrepreneurs and even amazed someone when I said that I basically like to photograph entrepreneurs and slam poets.
Eduporium with a Table Full of STEM Items in their Discovery Bundle
Videoing Lyriko Talking about Learning Languages through Music
Finally, for the traditional Expert Looking Expert photo, I give you Andreas aka  Proper Orange at the mic.
Expert Looking Expert

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