Tuesday, February 19, 2013

another fabulous foodie event #MIN47

Boston Looks So Good from NERD
The foodies came out in force for Mass Innovation Night Food Edition on the eve of Valentine's Day.   From MIN regulars Unreal Candy to Chocolate Therapy, chocolate featured prominently - highly appropriate for the night before Valentine's Day.

 I love Unreal's peanut butter cups. Kash liked Unreal so much he wanted his picture taken with them.

Pam and David of  Chocolate Therapy
Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate! Chocolate is already therapeutic, but the folks at Chocolate Therapy add other wonderful beneficial ingredients to their truffles like ginger, honey, cold-pressed olive oil, and more.

Bixby Bar Wins Best Hat and Best Costume!
More chocolate with more wonderful ingredients! Bixby and Co. had samples of  many flavors of their Bixby Bar so I had to try every one. My fave was the chipotle Knockout. Chocolate, hot chili pepper, and awesome hats really spiced up the night.
Think non-dairy ice cream has to be boring? Think again. Keo Homemade Ice Cream is rich and delicious homemade ice cream that is lactose and gluten-free, and vegan.

Speaking of non-dairy, I tasted the most wonderful chocolate Non-Dairy Cheesecake from Delectable Desires.
Budi Bar
 Previous MIN veterans, the folks from Budi Bar were there too.

The Crowd Kept Building

Sitting on the Stairs
It was a full house in the nice big space on the 11th floor of NERD.

Caleb of Boston Teawrights
I'd never heard of home tea crafting before, but Boston Teawrights has definitely gotten me interested.

Crowd Checking Out the Amazing Products
Bixby and Keo Attracted Big Crowds
Off the Cob
Off the Cob Sweet Corn Tortilla Chips  take startup snacks to the next level and beyond. Made with real organic sweet corn, these chips really satisfy your taste buds. (BTW, Ricky really likes these.)

There's a whole indie food world out there and NoshOnIt brings it to your inbox every day.  Curated content for home cooks brings you hand-picked recipes and expert cooking tips.

Roche Bros.
Did you know Roche Bros. delivers? Did you know they'll deliver to your business? Startups love Roche Bros. and so does MIN! Great sponsor!

Middle-Earth Recipes Expert
Hobbits love breakfast, and other meals! Tolkien aficionados know that Hobbits enjoy seven meals a day so a foodie event needs an expert on recipes from Middle-Earth. Heath Dill is writing a cookbook about foods found in the Tolkien universe.

For the traditional Expert Looking Expert pic, we have Damien from Yelp an expert on
marketing, social media and all things local biz, in the coolest Experts Corner at NERD.

Expert Looking Expert