Wednesday, November 13, 2013

All Fun and Games at #MINFun

Landsdowne Street
GameOn hosted Mass Innovation Nights number 56 (wow 56 already!) on Tuesday night 11/12/13. What could be more special? Well, maybe a World Series win at Fenway Park :-) but anyway...   The theme for the event was fun and games and the products on display were indeed fun. The four chosen presenters were:
It was a pretty good crowd for a cold November night.
Innovators Checking In
PackOut Gear set up a tent and sleeping bag just like a campsite -- well, minus the campfire -- and it looked so cozy I was ready to rent gear and camp right there.
Pack Out Had The Best Campsite
Click-a-Waiter enables e-commerce for restaurants.  Their platform allows restaurants to take orders from their Facebook page or website. It makes online ordering easy and practical even for small restaurants.
The crowd got thicker and thicker as the excitement built and the pizza was served. The place really developed a party atmosphere.
Rednote lets you send snippets of popular songs with text messages, email, Twitter and whatever other online social conversations with choices based on emotions, sort of like an audio emoticon. Music definitely makes a message more memorable and texting definitely needs something to give it a little more feeling.
Rednote Team
Oh, and Rednote had matching T-shirts with song lyric snippets and QR code on the back, so they win Best Costume of  #MINFun. All other matching T-shirts paled in comparison.
Best Costume
The two busiest tables were Brass Monkey and Tablelist. Brass Monkey's new Flip iT game was so popular that it was hard to get near the table. People were having a blast playing it.
Brass Monkey
Tablelist's app helps you book a table at amazing nightclubs and lounges. Maybe the reason their table was so busy was that everyone was booking the after-after-party. They did have great swag to promote their great idea, so maybe that was part of their popularity.
Tablelist Swag
Spogo is a mobile app that enables sports fans to make predictions as they watch live games -- adds fun and sociability, not to mention rewards, to spectator sports. They were getting a steady stream of attention too.
AECyles had their nifty Freedom Cycle, a tricycle for grownups. They're aiming it at aging boomers (yikes, that's me) and folks who are not able to ride a traditional bicycle because of disability or injury. This is a big improvement on the traditional adult tricycle.
ComedySportz put on an improv show for us after the presentations. They were a lot of fun. Check them out for your corporate party. They are seriously funny.

Comedy Sportz Entertaining Us with Improv

The MIN staff at the check-in desk looked even more expert than the experts, so I asked them to pose for the "looking expert" shot.
MIN Check-In Staff Looking Expert
And for an extra "expert looking expert" shot, how about Big Papi the expert at October baseball.
Senor Octubre