Friday, May 15, 2015

a luxurious #MIN74

Our Generous Host - Mercedes Benz of Burlington
The newly opened Mercedes Benz of Burlington provided the most luxurious location for a Mass Innovation Night yet. The bright, open space provided plenty of room for product demo/display tables, refreshments, mingling, and admiring the beautiful cars.

Too Bad This One Is Not in My Budget
From gorgeous handbags to car wash technology and everything in between, the diversity of products at MIN is amazing. I know I say that every month, but it is the best feature of MIN.

Circuit Scribe
It's always hard to choose a favorite, but Circuit Scribe got my vote. This silver conductive ink pen lets you draw circuits on paper and a collection of components snap right in to the circuit, so your circuit diagram becomes an actual circuit. Talk about rapid prototyping! Your engineering notebook becomes the prototype. What  a great way to teach circuits in school!

YoYo Events
I enjoyed talking with the YoYo Events folks about making corporate team building events more fun and more memorable. I also loved their clever display of yo-yos.

Kesi Gibson - Kyu Melange
Kyu Melange not only produces gorgeous accessories like the leather and fabric hand bags that were on display, they also highlight the artisans behind the design and production. Kesi Gibson takes fashion accessories to the level of wearable art.

Gleamfire takes car washing beyond the bucket. This cool device cleans the water and wash material so you use less water and prevent scratches at the same time. Imagine using only a gallon and a half of water to wash your car.  The perfect product to be celebrating at a luxury car dealership too!  I hereby award Gleamfire the Best Prop of #MIN74 award.

"Email My Check" Demo Table

Keeping marketing content on message and coordinated is a challenge. That's where iPositioning comes in. They bring collaboration technology, single sourcing, cloud technology, and social media integration all together to optimize your message.

Think Board
Think Board was wildly popular with their removable panels that turn any surface into a dry erase board.  They were deservedly the top vote getter for the Business Extra Points. I didn't see anybody stick one onto a Mercedes, but I'll bet you could have.

Think Desk
The Sun LifeLight brings all the health benefits of sunlight into your office. Humans were built to be outdoors. We need sunlight. We don't always get enough. Even people who don't suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) benefit from getting the right amount of sunlight. Unlike the bulky light boxes you've seen used to treat SAD, the LifeLight fits easily and unobtrusively on your desk. It's basically a desk lamp with full spectrum light and a mobile app with the smarts to recommend the right amount of sunlight for each individual. And it's cool-looking too.

Sun LifeLight
One of the presentations that generated a lot of tweets was from Woxxer. Their description: "Woxxer is an instant 3-metric evaluation tool for any granular content, embeds anywhere you can touch or click on a screen, and provides immediately useful and sortable data on real-time human subjective thinking, reactions, and judgment." Woxxer wants "woxxing" to be more popular than tweeting.  Hey, if they can help extract more meaning from online interactions, it just may happen.

Woxxer - Beyond Opposable Thumbs
In another one of those moments that makes Mass Innovation Nights an amazing experience,  Nelson DeWitt used his presentation time  to promote the Mama Chila Foundation's first project - to help reunite Salvadoran adoptees Ana and Isabel with their birth mother.  Nelson had initially planned to talk about the Kickstarter campaign to complete Identifying Nelson,  a documentary film about his life as one of El Salvador’s Disappeared.

Nelson DeWitt Presenting
MIN74 was definitely another memorable Mass Innovation Nights event.  Mark your calendars now for the next MIN event (number 75) in June at Google in Cambridge.

For the Experts Looking Expert shot we have Laurie Anglin and Mark DeMello of TriNet, who shared their HR expertise at #MIN74.
Experts Looking Expert