Monday, January 24, 2011

Review: Memory On Hand (MoH)

Wristband on wrist
At the last Mass Innovation Night, Andrew of Memory on Hand (MoH) gave me one of MoH's USB flash drive wristbands to review. Mine is a snappy blue and orange pattern that goes well with my bluish gray sweater. I've had a couple of weeks to try it out now, so it's time for the review.

Since everything is not yet in the cloud, folks who use computers in multiple locations often need access to their files wherever they are: the library, a friend's house, a client's office, or whatever. I often need to move files between computers via what we used to call sneakernet back in the day. (OK, so in those days it was 5 1/4" floppies that held about  180 kb, but I don't care if readers guess how old I am. :-)) I've got flash drives rattling around in desk drawers and recently found one in my sock drawer. So I love having one I can wear on my wrist, which greatly reduces the chances of it ending up in the sock drawer. The bright colors help too. It's really hard to lose this one.

So, when I needed to carry some files home with me, I copied the files onto the drive and put it back on my wrist. It stayed securely and comfortably on my wrist until I needed it and plugged right into my laptop's USB port for the file transfer. No rummaging around in my pockets for the flash drive. Very convenient.

Connected to my laptop
The Memory on Hand wristband is perfect for students who are always on the go using computers in the lab, the library, the dorm and so on. I  have two college age nieces who could really appreciate this product.  It comes in lots of colors and patterns, and can also be customized for your school or organization.  It makes a great gift for a student from middle school on up through grad school. It even comes packaged in an attractive gift box.
And it comes in a nice box, perfect for gift giving

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  1. Awesome Product! Awesome Review!!