Thursday, February 26, 2015

#MINFoodie8 Recap

Still waiting for a new motherboard and new wireless adapter for my main computer, but figured I shouldn't wait any longer to blog about MINFoodie8, so here's a somewhat sketchier than usual blog post.
Wintry Boston Harbor
Mass Innovation Nights managed to find the one gap between storms in the past three weeks to get us out of our snow banks and into some cool foodie innovations for  #8 in the MIN Foodie series. Our generous host for the evening was Nutter McClennen and Fish. Great hosts! Thank you!

I enjoyed tasting Lyndigo Spice's  small batch, locally made, spice rub and chutney, especially the spice rub on the roasted chickpeas. Plus, the Lyndigo Spice team had matching t-shirts and matching scarves so I have to award them Best Costume of MINFoodie8.
Lyndigo Spice Team
Fresh Beginnings makes conveniently portioned, wholesome and nutritious frozen meals for young children  -- I think I saw them at an EforAll event but don't remember which one -- anyway, their samples were delicious.

Fresh Beginnings
Tasty Healthy Treats
Rhode Island Organic Omega-3 makes fantastic salad dressings, marinades and sauces full of healthy Omega-3s. I loved the salad dressing.
Omega-3 Salad Dressing provides information and details on more than 4,150 food trucks and food truck events all in one spot.  And I loved their homage to Haven Brothers Diner. I hereby award them Best Prop of MINFoodie8.
Haven Bros. -- The Original Food Truck?
ScanKart is a hyper-local mobile marketplace to discover artisanal food, wine makers and specialty retail stores in your neighborhood.
al FreshCo has a brilliant idea for  making food grown by great local farmers more accessible. They deliver  "meal kits" with everything  you need to make a delicious locally grown meal. Who can resist local butternut squash already peeled and cut up for you and delivered along with everything you need to turn it into dinner? And they know what to do with that kohlrabi that mystifies you.

Nu3Kidz gourmet pancake mix takes pancakes to a new, healthier, more fabulous level. I mean who can resist quinoa beet pancakes? Not me! (I adore beets and love quinoa.)
Delicious Pancakes

The Wine Sidekick is a wine and beer recommendation kiosk for liquor and grocery stores.
Wine Sidekick

Chirp chips  from SixFoods are  bean-based chips with cricket protein. They have 3x the protein and half the fat of normal potato chips. Insect protein is the next big thing in food circles.

Over in the Experts Corner, I got ace wordsmith Alan Dilingham to ham it up for my traditional "expert looking expert" shot.  If you need help finding the right words to communicate your message, Alan's Verbal Alchemy is your solution. Thanks, Alan for being such a good sport looking expert.

Expert Looking Expert Alan Dilligham

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