Thursday, February 10, 2011

Monday in Tweets

11:22:33: Parking lot gates at Mass Eye & Ear are broken. Use valet parking if you have an appointment today.

17:25:27: And the poetic Doug Chickering. RT @TalkinBirds: Latest show: Mysterious Moorhen; & calcium for your birds?... Forum page at

18:36:37: Bobbi C @MassInno is talking "freestrapping" for startups. #gigbos

18:45:44: Max from codeforamerica calling for community involvement, collaboration, open government. #gigbos

18:54:51: Kidlauncher! I think we built something like that back on Warwick Rd. 100 years ago. Kids need to learn how to use tools. #gigbos

18:58:59: Parts & Crafts CSE teaching kids that you don't need a special space to do fun projects. Making stuff is fun. #gigbos

19:22:49: Dan Zarrella of HubSpot on Social Media Unicorns & Rainbows vs. really looking at the SM data. #gigbos

19:26:08: "I'm going to scientifically prove to you that Facebook is Jersey Shore." Dan Zarrella #gigbos

19:29:09: Context! We want context! Search engine needs to be able to handle context and concepts. How cool would it be if the engine knew me? #gigbos

19:40:51: Scored O'Reilly books on Docbook and REST at #gigbos. U should have seen the stampede for books at halftime. Real paper objects!

19:48:39: Compostable plates. Gives whole new meaning to the clean plate club.#gigbos

19:51:36: Successful Social Enterprises are sustainable, use profit to work toward the goal not as the goal, and produce good. #gigbos

19:52:51: "Capitalism kicks ass" -- Meaghan #gigbos

19:55:57: Wrapping up #gigbos with 5 things you didn't know about beer. So, did you know there are fishguts in your beer?

19:56:37: RT @BobbieC: #gigbos presentations today so far have ranged from giving birth to composting plates to search to unicorns to troll commen ...

21:19:18: Home from Ignite Boston. So, should I go downstairs and start a mad scientist lab in my basement or blog about #gigbos right now?

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