Wednesday, February 16, 2011

thoughts on a boy reading a book

boy reading a book
Sitting in a coffee shop this afternoon, brooding on the future of technical communication and the future of books, which may or may not be related, I looked up and saw a boy studying using a paper book. His laptop was on the table next to him, half-closed, and his focus was clearly on the book. This was totally not what I expected to see, despite other experiences of seeing people reading books in this same coffee shop.

boy reading a book 2

I've seen whole families reading books in the coffee shop. One Saturday afternoon, I was hanging out with a friend and we saw more books than laptops.

reading at Brew'd Awakening

The entry I planned to write today about the doom and gloom going around the tech writing listserves I follow just won't come out from brain to fingertips right now.  I'm chasing away the vision of the bookless future and the techcomm-less future by appreciating the present moment, which seems to involve both books and tech writing work.

Now to go write some techie stuff.

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