Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mass innovation night #MIN26

The 26th Mass Innovation Night was another great time with lots of interesting people and products. I made the rounds of as many demo tables as possible,talking with 77Sparx and GaggleAMP about how marketing strategies, choosing colors for custom earbuds, and rehydrating with Biba.
The buzz at the tables just beginning
Doing a little research for the upcoming launch of our New England Day Trips at Hand app from At-Hand Apps, John and I chatted with 77Sparx, makers of educational mobile games for young children and toddlers about their marketing strategy, and checked out how GaggleAMP, social media amplification, might help us get our message out.

John of At Hand Apps talking with 77Sparx about their marketing strategy

77Sparx table in the Hall of Innovation
I ran into Sean from Biba Beverages, the ultra hydration soft drink, who still looks an  awful lot like one of my cousins, and met one of his investors.

Biba Beverages Investor
The Presenters
Presenters were:
  • CustomBuds -- Customizable headphones with up to 425,000,000 color combinations. That's a lot of colors. They're young and socially conscious. Impressive.
  • ViaClix –  Make TVs smarter, the Internet more relevant, and the whole thing more interactive.
  • GaggleAMP -- Amplifying your social media message by engaging your social network and the networks of all of your stakeholders.
  • Ripplefunction -- Getting the word out about events and putting people in the seats, again using your social network and the networks of your friends.
ItsmyURLs, online presence in a barcode, not only has a great concept but also had the best t-shirts.
It was quite a night for age diversity with 16-year old entrepreneurs presenting and retired executives from SCORE offering their experience in the Experts Corner. The folks from the local SCORE chapter obligingly posed for my "experts looking expert" shot.
Experts Looking Expert

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