Thursday, May 10, 2012

#MIN38 at NERD in the rain

Whoa, #MIN38 already? Weren't we just at #MIN37? A little rain couldn't dampen the entrepreneurial spirits of the presenters and attendees. Besides that, Boston looks great from the Cambridge side even in rain and fog.

Rain and Fog and Citgo Sign -- Ah, Boston, You're My Home

I didn't get to talk to all of the companies because I was busy having an epic adventure trying to buy camera batteries. Maybe I'll make that a separate blog post :-) Anyway, I did get to talk to some cool people about some cool products.

Aimed at college students, of which there are an awful lot in Boston, Jebbit shows you websites and products you like, and pays you to explore them. "Discover, Answer and Get Paid" is their motto.  It's a new take on online advertising, much more engaged, that benefits consumers as well as the advertisers. Yup, you can really earn money by answering questions. Open to all college students, all you have to do is go to, login with Facebook, and answer a few questions.

Jebbit Team -- Best Costume of #MIN38
The Jebbit team were friendly and engaging to talk to and easily recognizable with their matching t-shirts.

Want to sign up for a Hip-Hop class, organize a laser tag session, or find something new to do with your friends? Savique helps you discover fun things to do in Boston and environs, and seamlessly make plans to go with the people you care about. Raoul gave an enthusiastic pitch and he's definitely onto something with Savique. It needs to become a mobile app too, though.

Raoul Pitching Savique to Suzanne and Susan, both from Lowell
I enjoyed talking with Michael from Massinvestor about the VC News Daily app for Android and iPhone. It's the only mobile app providing round the clock access to news about venture capital and private equity financing. It's the source for updates on the latest transactions and industry news in the startup world.

VC Daily News Team
The VCs who fund startups and scientists who invent new technologies sometimes need a little something else to come up with a product that serves a real world need. Crowd sourcing is a brilliant way to come up with those insights.  That's where Allied Mindstorm comes in. It's an open innovation website that invites the public to brainstorm new commercial applications around exciting university technologies in order to advance research and form new companies.

David from AlliedMindstorm
It's not just a good idea for the investors, it pays you for your insight too. If your specific application of the technology results in a new startup you will receive $25,000. There are also smaller prizes for best in class suggestions. Everybody wins.

GaggleAMP, old friends dating back to at least #MIN26, were there too showing off their latest enhancements and posing with MIN's fastest and most prolific tweeter, Eric Andersen.

Eric with the GaggleAMP Guys

Alas, I didn't get much chance to talk to  Photo Oral about their BlueLight mouth sanitizing innovation, to High Impact Designer  about their Email Design Builder, or to Dailyfeats about their goal setting iPhone app. I did get a nice action shot of DailyFeats.


Things were buzzing in the Experts Corner as always. Conversations seemed to be going on nonstop. Great to see folks taking advantage of all that expertise.

Experts Looking Expert

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